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Benefits of an Engine Flush

Oil is one of the main components that keeps your car’s engine running smoothly. However, the oil in your car must be changed regularly in order for it to serve its purpose. When oil isn’t serving it’s purpose, your car begins to suffer. An oil change can be a big investment in your cars future, preventing gunk from depositing. When particles begin to deposit in your engine, it hurts the flow of your oil and starts to cause problems in your engine’s functioning. Below are five benefits of having an engine flush with Full Circle Auto Wash.

Remove Deposit Build-Up: In some cases, the way you drive can prevent your engine oil from functioning the way it should. Sometimes a lot of short trips or driving stop-and-go can cause small particles to begin to deposit in different areas of the engine. These deposits only build up over time and decrease the flow of your oil. An engine flush can help to remove these build up deposits and keep your new oil clean.

Give Your Vehicle a Clean Slate: Although typically cars don’t need an engine flush when they are being driven and maintained regularly, it is recommended that cars with recent internal engine work, cars with an unknown maintenance record, and cars with a long interval between oil changes all get oil flushes. If your car had any engine work done, an engine flush could wash away leftover particulates before adding new oil. For those who may have bought a used car and not received a maintenance record, an engine flush and a few quarts of new oil could be a good investment in the long run. If you have access to the car’s maintenance record, check to see that the oil has been changed regularly. If that’s not the case, an engine flush could help to give your car a longer life.

Keep New Oil Clean: An engine flush can help to keep your new oil clean. Without an engine flush, you risk your new oil picking up old deposits and sludge and circulating them through your engine. An engine flush allows you to go longer between oil changes, by preventing the new oil from picking up what the old oil left behind.

Clean Up What Your Filter Misses: The majority of oil filters remove particles as small as 1/1000th of an inch. However, there are many particles circulating in your engine’s oil that are much smaller. These particles can’t be caught, even with the newest and top-of-the-line filters. They can then merge together and create sludge and deposits. Clean oil alone can’t clean out these deposits, however the chemicals used in an engine flush can, allowing clean oil to do its job.

Clean Engine Parts: When the gunk in the engine oil gets bad, parts of the engine can stop from running smoothly. A regular engine flush removes built up gunk and grime and keeps your engine working smoothly. In addition, an engine flush can make your engine run more efficient, bringing the power and fuel efficiency closer to its original state.

The mission of Full Circle Autowash is to provide our customers fast, quality and courteous service at a fair price while providing our employees a great environment to work and grow. Full Circle’s Complete Car Care goes far beyond just ‘Keep it Clean.’ Your vehicle needs more than a wash and wax to continue running smoothly. Full Circle offers full oil & lube services to keep your car or truck running as good as it looks. In addition to changing your oil, Full Circle Autowash can also maintain your coolant, transmission and power steering fluids, as well as engine flush and treatments. Visit one of our many locations today or contact us with any questions you may have regarding the maintenance of your vehicle.

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