diy car emergency kit

DIY Car Emergency Kit

Yearly the news highlights dangerous stories about those who get stranded in the hot Southwest heat with a broken car and not enough water and food.

It’s important to have your car prepared for driving in these hot conditions, and to have supplies ready in case you find yourself in an emergency situation. Spending just 20 minutes putting together an emergency car kit will provide you with peace of mind during this hot season, that you will be prepared in case you find yourself with a car that isn’t working.

diy car kit

1. A gallon on water.

Most important is water. You can have all of the proper gear to fix your car, but if you don’t have water to keep yourself hydrated, you won’t be able to repair your car or get yourself to help.

2. Phone Charger.

Never be stuck in an emergency without a charged phone again. Consider purchasing a portable charger for your phone, so that even if your car is dead, you can still charge your phone and signal for help.

portable phone charger

3. Reflective Emergency Blanket and a mirror.

Reflective blankets can be used for shade or to keep you warm during cooler seasons. It’s also important to have a mirror, so it can be positioned at the sun to signal for help.

summer heat protection

4. Sunscreen and hat.

Keeping yourself out of the direct sun will be vital in preventing heat stroke during the hot summer months. Whether it be a baseball hat or large sun hat, shading yourself will keep you protected longer.


5. Snacks.

Similar to water, food will be essential if you find yourself stranded for a period of time. Unsalted nuts, dried fruit, granola bars and dehydrated food are great options because they won’t spoil.

There are many other things to include in an emergency car kit, such as a first aid kit, flashlight, jumper cables, tow straps and duct tape.
Make sure you are prepared in case you find yourself in a situation where you may not be able to get help right away.  Putting together a summer emergency car kit will give you peace of mind knowing that you have what you need, just in case.


emergency car kit


It’s especially important to make sure your AC and car fluids are where they should be during the summer. For all of your car care needs, come to Full Circle Auto Wash in Arizona. With locations all across the Phoenix Valley, there is sure to be a car care location near you!

Top Tips for Winter Car Care

Did you know that cold weather affects parts of your car differently than hot weather does? With winter arriving later this month, now is a great time to make sure your car has its check-up before the cold weather arrives. Having a few parts checked now for efficiency and preparedness for winter, can save you in the long run; and no one wants to break down when it’s cold outside! Car experts recommend these parts are ready before winter arrives.
• Heater, Defroster and Wiper Blades – Obviously these are the number one area to check headed into the cold weather as they are the parts of the car that help us deal with the cold inside the car and on the windshield and the other windows of the vehicle. It is not just for the passengers’ comfort that the HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system needs to work, but also because of keeping the car itself warm and the windows clear of frost. Also make sure the wiper blades are not worn or cracked. They are critical for the clearing of your windshield after the car has been sitting in the cold. A good rule of thumb is to replace them every six months. Wiper blades get worn from excess use if you live in a rainy climate, or get cracked from the harsh heat if you live in the desert.
• Tires – Of course tires have to be in good working condition every season, but as we change from hot weather to cold, but time passes quickly and we often take them for granted, so it’s a good time to check on them. You will be relying on them even more if you head to the mountains for a fun weekend in the snow and have to drive on icy or snowy streets. Your tires should be examined for remaining tread life and any nicks or cuts that may be on them. Also make sure your spare is ready in case you need it, and the jack is in place and ready as well.
• Battery – Harsh temperatures are hard on your battery – not only hot weather but also cold. Before those temperatures drop any further, it is a good idea to have all the battery’s connections checked and cleaned of corrosion. The connections need to be tight so your battery will work properly. If it has been a few years since you replaced your battery, have a professional check it for efficiency.
• Brakes – There are several parts of your brake system that need to be maintained including the pads and the brake fluid. A professional mechanic should take a look to make sure the brake pads are thick enough, not worn, and that the brake fluid is at the proper level. Both of these are critical for the operation of your brakes.
• Exterior Care – As the weather changes from hot to cold, it is the perfect time to get a good coat of wax on the car’s exterior if it has not been done in a couple months. Your car’s exterior needs the extra protection from the elements.
• Emergency Kit – It is always important to have an emergency kit in your car, but even more so in harsher weather; just in case you are stuck for a while. In the winter, you should have an extra set of gloves, some hand or foot warmers, boots and a blanket in the car, and, if you will be driving in an area where ice or snow are possible, a small shovel and window scraper are also a good idea. Sand and tire chains may also be necessary in the snow. Always have a flashlight and extra batteries, as well as car charger or external battery to charge your cell phone. A few protein bars or packages of nuts are a good idea to keep on hand, too.

t is quick and easy to get your winter check-up for your car at Full Circle Auto Wash. Pull in today and make sure your car has its winter-ready car check! There are locations around the valley in Avondale, Chandler, Mesa and Queen Creek. Check out our website for coupons and locations near you.

Choosing Synthetic Oil for Your Vehicle

When you get an oil change for your car, you may glance up at the prices and wonder why the synthetic oil is so much more expensive than the traditional oil. The answer is that there are many reasons the synthetic oil is more expensive, and it is a good idea to educate yourself on which motor oil it is a good choice to maintain your car’s engine.

All oil is not created equal.

The major difference between the two types of oil is that conventional oil is drilled; that is was deposited from the dinosaurs, and synthetic oil is man-made, or synthesized, sometimes using raw materials other than crude oil. Conventional oil is refined, but many impurities can still be present in it, and they can build up in your car’s engine over time. There are also synthetic blends, which combine crude oils with the synthetic oil.
The benefits of synthetic oil.

• Synthetic oils handle extreme temperatures better than conventional oil. Oil is meant to keep your engine lubricated and running smoothly. Conventional oil can break down when exposed to high heat, so synthetic oils have a huge advantage in this area. When the oil breaks down or evaporates, your engine is left more vulnerable to wear as it is less lubricated.
• You can go longer between oil changes with synthetic oil. Since it is chemically engineered, and does not break down or need to be changed to flush out leftover sludge, synthetic oil does not have to be changed as often.
• Better fuel ecomony – although it may be a very small difference of only 2 or 3 per cent, better fuel economy is always a welcome improvement. It lets you know your engine is running better than it was, too.

Many mechanics agree that synthetic oil is worth the extra expense. If it is time for you next oil change, pull in to Full Circle Auto Wash to have it done. There are five valley locations, which you can find at The mechanics there will help advise you the best choice for your particular vehicle and situation. All lubricants today are extremely better than just a few decades ago, and the most important thing for your engine is to have the oil change done in a timely manner and keep your engine lubricated.

Mesa Car Wash

Prepare Your Car for Monsoon Season

With monsoon season here, it’s important to protect your car for the sake of its performance and appearance. The heavy rain and dust can take a tole on your vehicle over time, but there are ways to prepare your car for monsoon season.

Appearance. While most dust just blows right off of your car, it can tend to cause many fine scratches. Getting your car washed shortly after a monsoon storm will help minimalism the damage to your paint. A coat of wax can also help to protect your car from the heavy dust and rain.

Comfort. Often times when caught in the storm, your cabin filter becomes contaminated or restricted, and dust can affect airflow and air conditioning performance. To minimize this, turn your air conditioning to the “re-circulate” or “max” setting so it draws air from the inside rather than the outside.

Performance. Driving in the midst of a storm can drastically shorten your engine’s air filter. Dust can restrict the filter and cause poor fuel economy, effecting the performance of the engine. In extreme cases, dust restricting the filter can actually damage your car’s engine.

Maintenance. Be sure to check that the rubber molding around your windshield, doors, and cab is in good condition for monsoon season. If it’s not, water can cause serious damage to you car. In addition to potentially flooding your car or engine, water seeping in can cause electrical malfunctioning in your vehicle.

Prevention. Driving through deep floodwaters can cause water to kick up into your engine and cause serious problems. Driving through deep water you risk damage or even catastrophic failure of your engine and/or transmission. If you can’t avoid the water, once you’re safely off the road turn off your engine and assess whether you should have your car towed rather than keep driving and possibly cause more problems or damage.

There is no doubt that monsoon season can take a serious toll on your vehicle. By checking rubber molding and windshield wipers for cracks, testing your brakes, being sure that your brake and headlights are clear and bright, and checking that your tires have good tread, you can help to prepare your car for this season’s monsoons. The mission of Full Circle Autowash is to provide our customers fast, quality and courteous service at a fair price while providing our employees a great environment to work and grow. We are here to help you this monsoon season. We use the gentlest hands to clean your vehicle. In a price-conscious economy, our loyal customers deserve quality and service. Washing your car more often maintains the value and longevity of your investment, inside and out. We also have a rainy day garuntee, 24 hour rain check policy with receipt! Check out our different locations and services and start preparing your car for this season’s monsoons.

oil change mesa az

Benefits of an Engine Flush

Oil is one of the main components that keeps your car’s engine running smoothly. However, the oil in your car must be changed regularly in order for it to serve its purpose. When oil isn’t serving it’s purpose, your car begins to suffer. An oil change can be a big investment in your cars future, preventing gunk from depositing. When particles begin to deposit in your engine, it hurts the flow of your oil and starts to cause problems in your engine’s functioning. Below are five benefits of having an engine flush with Full Circle Auto Wash.

Remove Deposit Build-Up: In some cases, the way you drive can prevent your engine oil from functioning the way it should. Sometimes a lot of short trips or driving stop-and-go can cause small particles to begin to deposit in different areas of the engine. These deposits only build up over time and decrease the flow of your oil. An engine flush can help to remove these build up deposits and keep your new oil clean.

Give Your Vehicle a Clean Slate: Although typically cars don’t need an engine flush when they are being driven and maintained regularly, it is recommended that cars with recent internal engine work, cars with an unknown maintenance record, and cars with a long interval between oil changes all get oil flushes. If your car had any engine work done, an engine flush could wash away leftover particulates before adding new oil. For those who may have bought a used car and not received a maintenance record, an engine flush and a few quarts of new oil could be a good investment in the long run. If you have access to the car’s maintenance record, check to see that the oil has been changed regularly. If that’s not the case, an engine flush could help to give your car a longer life.

Keep New Oil Clean: An engine flush can help to keep your new oil clean. Without an engine flush, you risk your new oil picking up old deposits and sludge and circulating them through your engine. An engine flush allows you to go longer between oil changes, by preventing the new oil from picking up what the old oil left behind.

Clean Up What Your Filter Misses: The majority of oil filters remove particles as small as 1/1000th of an inch. However, there are many particles circulating in your engine’s oil that are much smaller. These particles can’t be caught, even with the newest and top-of-the-line filters. They can then merge together and create sludge and deposits. Clean oil alone can’t clean out these deposits, however the chemicals used in an engine flush can, allowing clean oil to do its job.

Clean Engine Parts: When the gunk in the engine oil gets bad, parts of the engine can stop from running smoothly. A regular engine flush removes built up gunk and grime and keeps your engine working smoothly. In addition, an engine flush can make your engine run more efficient, bringing the power and fuel efficiency closer to its original state.

The mission of Full Circle Autowash is to provide our customers fast, quality and courteous service at a fair price while providing our employees a great environment to work and grow. Full Circle’s Complete Car Care goes far beyond just ‘Keep it Clean.’ Your vehicle needs more than a wash and wax to continue running smoothly. Full Circle offers full oil & lube services to keep your car or truck running as good as it looks. In addition to changing your oil, Full Circle Autowash can also maintain your coolant, transmission and power steering fluids, as well as engine flush and treatments. Visit one of our many locations today or contact us with any questions you may have regarding the maintenance of your vehicle.

Importance of a Regular Oil Change

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, a routine oil change can pay off in the long run. Oil plays a vital role in your vehicle’s engine. By scheduling a regular oil change, you can prevent having to pay a large sum of money down the road in costly repairs.

What Oil Does For Your Car: Engine oil functions in three major ways. The oil in your engine helps to keep the many components of your engine working together smoothly. There can be thousands of controlled detonations happening every minute inside of your engine, which can create a lot of heat. Engine oil helps to draw the heat away from the combustion chamber and prevents it from potentially overheating. In addition, oil helps to prevent carbon and varnishes from accumulating in the engine.

When To Change Engine Oil: Oil changes are typically recommended based on when a certain mileage or time limit has been reached. The most common recommendation is 3,000 miles or three months, whichever is reached first. However, experts will tend to say trust your odometer. Driving will tend to take more of a tole on your engine than if your car were to be sitting for three months.

What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Oil: A reoccurring problem we see in engines whose oil isn’t changed on a regular basis is buildup in the cooler parts of the engine, like the crankcase and around the camshafts and valves. This can lead to carbon deposits, or sludge, coming out of the old oil. This can lead to a costly engine cleaning or force you to replace worn-out piston rings. In addition, the pistons could eventually seize or the camshafts could be damaged. These repairs can be costly, and make a few high end oil changes look like pocket change. Scheduling routine oil changes can be really cheap insurance for your engine.

Here at Full Circle Autowash, our mission is to provide our customers fast, quality and courteous service at a fair price while providing our employees a great environment to work and grow. Full Circle’s Complete Car Care goes far beyond just ‘Keep it Clean.’ Your vehicle needs more than a wash and wax to continue running smoothly. Full Circle offers full oil & lube services to keep your car or truck running as good as it looks. In addition to changing your oil, Full Circle Autowash can also maintain your coolant, transmission and power steering fluids, as well as engine flush and treatments. Check out our many valley wide locations and put your car in good hands.

Beat the Heat: Auto Window Tinting

The summer sun can be intense, especially living auto window tintingin the Arizona desert. Among our many services at Full Circle Autowash, we offer a variety of auto window tinting for your vehicle in various shades and colors, creating an instant custom appearance, and rejecting heat and glare at all five of our valley wide locations. We offer a lifetime transferable warranty with all of our auto window tinting. Aside from our quality services and competitive prices, there are many other reasons to consider auto window tinting this summer.

Glare: Anyone who has driven with the sun glaring in through their windows knows that it can be not only annoying, but can create a hazardous driving situation. Auto window tinting can help reduce this problem.  It is effective enough that even lighter shades can negate most of the problems caused by glares, while darker shades will eliminate glare completely.

Blocking Harmful UV Rays: No matter how dark your window tinting is, all tint cuts out 99% of UVA and UVB rays. These are the same UV rays that are responsible for interior fading, and are the leading cause to skin cancer.

Protection in Accidents: It is typical that windows shatter in vehicle accidents, spraying the occupants with hundreds of tiny sharp pieces of broken glass. The strong adhesive tint film will hold the cracked glass together preventing it from doing any damage. Any quality tinting film will be strong enough to hold the glass together even in the worst of accidents.

Appearance: Auto window tinting can help give your vehicle edge, with a custom look. We offer a variety of shades and colors to give your tint job a unique appearance.

Vehicle Safety: It is typical to have GPS units, sound systems, tools, and other valuable equipment in your car. This can also be easily noticed from the outside, making it an obvious target for thieves. For this reason more and more, people have been tinting their cars to hide expensive items from outside eyes.

For these reasons and many more, contact us today about auto window tinting.

Auto Detail

Here at Full Circle Autowash, we aim to provide our customers fast, quality, and courteous service at a fair price while providing our Auto Detailemployees a great environment to work and grow. We use the gentlest hands to clean your vehicle. In a price-conscious economy, our loyal customers deserve quality and service. Washing your car more often maintains the value and longevity of your investment, inside and out. We work hard not only on your vehicle, but also on your short stay with us. We have learned with our 5 valley wide locations, including locations in Mesa (Southern or Baseline), Chandler, Avondale, and Queen Creek, that a customer is just as important as the vehicle we are cleaning.

Auto Detail Services

With many services to offer, including auto detail, windshield tint, oil and lube, windshield repair, and car wash, Full Circle Autowash has something to offer for everyone. We offer a wide variety of both interior and exterior detail services. From wheel polish, to seat cleaning, our employees have the knowledge and experience to provide you with quality care and service. At Full Circle Autowash, it is our goal to provided our customers with quality service at an affordable price. That’s why we offer coupons on many of our services.

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