Choosing Synthetic Oil for Your Vehicle

When you get an oil change for your car, you may glance up at the prices and wonder why the synthetic oil is so much more expensive than the traditional oil. The answer is that there are many reasons the synthetic oil is more expensive, and it is a good idea to educate yourself on which motor oil it is a good choice to maintain your car’s engine.

All oil is not created equal.

The major difference between the two types of oil is that conventional oil is drilled; that is was deposited from the dinosaurs, and synthetic oil is man-made, or synthesized, sometimes using raw materials other than crude oil. Conventional oil is refined, but many impurities can still be present in it, and they can build up in your car’s engine over time. There are also synthetic blends, which combine crude oils with the synthetic oil.
The benefits of synthetic oil.

• Synthetic oils handle extreme temperatures better than conventional oil. Oil is meant to keep your engine lubricated and running smoothly. Conventional oil can break down when exposed to high heat, so synthetic oils have a huge advantage in this area. When the oil breaks down or evaporates, your engine is left more vulnerable to wear as it is less lubricated.
• You can go longer between oil changes with synthetic oil. Since it is chemically engineered, and does not break down or need to be changed to flush out leftover sludge, synthetic oil does not have to be changed as often.
• Better fuel ecomony – although it may be a very small difference of only 2 or 3 per cent, better fuel economy is always a welcome improvement. It lets you know your engine is running better than it was, too.

Many mechanics agree that synthetic oil is worth the extra expense. If it is time for you next oil change, pull in to Full Circle Auto Wash to have it done. There are five valley locations, which you can find at The mechanics there will help advise you the best choice for your particular vehicle and situation. All lubricants today are extremely better than just a few decades ago, and the most important thing for your engine is to have the oil change done in a timely manner and keep your engine lubricated.

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