diy car emergency kit

DIY Car Emergency Kit

Yearly the news highlights dangerous stories about those who get stranded in the hot Southwest heat with a broken car and not enough water and food.

It’s important to have your car prepared for driving in these hot conditions, and to have supplies ready in case you find yourself in an emergency situation. Spending just 20 minutes putting together an emergency car kit will provide you with peace of mind during this hot season, that you will be prepared in case you find yourself with a car that isn’t working.

diy car kit

1. A gallon on water.

Most important is water. You can have all of the proper gear to fix your car, but if you don’t have water to keep yourself hydrated, you won’t be able to repair your car or get yourself to help.

2. Phone Charger.

Never be stuck in an emergency without a charged phone again. Consider purchasing a portable charger for your phone, so that even if your car is dead, you can still charge your phone and signal for help.

portable phone charger

3. Reflective Emergency Blanket and a mirror.

Reflective blankets can be used for shade or to keep you warm during cooler seasons. It’s also important to have a mirror, so it can be positioned at the sun to signal for help.

summer heat protection

4. Sunscreen and hat.

Keeping yourself out of the direct sun will be vital in preventing heat stroke during the hot summer months. Whether it be a baseball hat or large sun hat, shading yourself will keep you protected longer.


5. Snacks.

Similar to water, food will be essential if you find yourself stranded for a period of time. Unsalted nuts, dried fruit, granola bars and dehydrated food are great options because they won’t spoil.

There are many other things to include in an emergency car kit, such as a first aid kit, flashlight, jumper cables, tow straps and duct tape.
Make sure you are prepared in case you find yourself in a situation where you may not be able to get help right away.  Putting together a summer emergency car kit will give you peace of mind knowing that you have what you need, just in case.


emergency car kit


It’s especially important to make sure your AC and car fluids are where they should be during the summer. For all of your car care needs, come to Full Circle Auto Wash in Arizona. With locations all across the Phoenix Valley, there is sure to be a car care location near you!

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