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Prepare Your Car for Monsoon Season

With monsoon season here, it’s important to protect your car for the sake of its performance and appearance. The heavy rain and dust can take a tole on your vehicle over time, but there are ways to prepare your car for monsoon season.

Appearance. While most dust just blows right off of your car, it can tend to cause many fine scratches. Getting your car washed shortly after a monsoon storm will help minimalism the damage to your paint. A coat of wax can also help to protect your car from the heavy dust and rain.

Comfort. Often times when caught in the storm, your cabin filter becomes contaminated or restricted, and dust can affect airflow and air conditioning performance. To minimize this, turn your air conditioning to the “re-circulate” or “max” setting so it draws air from the inside rather than the outside.

Performance. Driving in the midst of a storm can drastically shorten your engine’s air filter. Dust can restrict the filter and cause poor fuel economy, effecting the performance of the engine. In extreme cases, dust restricting the filter can actually damage your car’s engine.

Maintenance. Be sure to check that the rubber molding around your windshield, doors, and cab is in good condition for monsoon season. If it’s not, water can cause serious damage to you car. In addition to potentially flooding your car or engine, water seeping in can cause electrical malfunctioning in your vehicle.

Prevention. Driving through deep floodwaters can cause water to kick up into your engine and cause serious problems. Driving through deep water you risk damage or even catastrophic failure of your engine and/or transmission. If you can’t avoid the water, once you’re safely off the road turn off your engine and assess whether you should have your car towed rather than keep driving and possibly cause more problems or damage.

There is no doubt that monsoon season can take a serious toll on your vehicle. By checking rubber molding and windshield wipers for cracks, testing your brakes, being sure that your brake and headlights are clear and bright, and checking that your tires have good tread, you can help to prepare your car for this season’s monsoons. The mission of Full Circle Autowash is to provide our customers fast, quality and courteous service at a fair price while providing our employees a great environment to work and grow. We are here to help you this monsoon season. We use the gentlest hands to clean your vehicle. In a price-conscious economy, our loyal customers deserve quality and service. Washing your car more often maintains the value and longevity of your investment, inside and out. We also have a rainy day garuntee, 24 hour rain check policy with receipt! Check out our different locations and services and start preparing your car for this season’s monsoons.

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