Beat the Heat: Auto Window Tinting

The summer sun can be intense, especially living auto window tintingin the Arizona desert. Among our many services at Full Circle Autowash, we offer a variety of auto window tinting for your vehicle in various shades and colors, creating an instant custom appearance, and rejecting heat and glare at all five of our valley wide locations. We offer a lifetime transferable warranty with all of our auto window tinting. Aside from our quality services and competitive prices, there are many other reasons to consider auto window tinting this summer.

Glare: Anyone who has driven with the sun glaring in through their windows knows that it can be not only annoying, but can create a hazardous driving situation. Auto window tinting can help reduce this problem.  It is effective enough that even lighter shades can negate most of the problems caused by glares, while darker shades will eliminate glare completely.

Blocking Harmful UV Rays: No matter how dark your window tinting is, all tint cuts out 99% of UVA and UVB rays. These are the same UV rays that are responsible for interior fading, and are the leading cause to skin cancer.

Protection in Accidents: It is typical that windows shatter in vehicle accidents, spraying the occupants with hundreds of tiny sharp pieces of broken glass. The strong adhesive tint film will hold the cracked glass together preventing it from doing any damage. Any quality tinting film will be strong enough to hold the glass together even in the worst of accidents.

Appearance: Auto window tinting can help give your vehicle edge, with a custom look. We offer a variety of shades and colors to give your tint job a unique appearance.

Vehicle Safety: It is typical to have GPS units, sound systems, tools, and other valuable equipment in your car. This can also be easily noticed from the outside, making it an obvious target for thieves. For this reason more and more, people have been tinting their cars to hide expensive items from outside eyes.

For these reasons and many more, contact us today about auto window tinting.